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The spreadsheet for big data.

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Spreadsheet: Our Answer for Big Data

It is the age of big data. With over 1.2 billion people, everyday users and professionals alike, use spreadsheet for analyzing data without programming today, we made Keikai -- the world's fastest online spreadsheet -- to help you crunch crazy, big numbers, facts and figures.

Fastest, Regardless of Size

Imagine over 10,000,000 cells, rows and columns in a single spreadsheet, and in and out you go in seconds. Built with the most innovative next-generation architecture, Keikai meets the happy spot between big and quick.

Embeddable in Your Web Apps

Keikai brings Excel functionalities to your web applications. It can be a table, a balance sheet or even a fully-featured spreadsheet. Simply stick to the language you are already familiar with - Java, Javascript or Python - and we will do the rest.

One, True Excel Experience

Keikai gives you the same, and complete Excel experience: 400+ built-in formulas and pluggable, 800+ date & time locales, 61 built-in table styles, charting, conditional formatting, data validation, filtering, accurate PDF exporting - everything you need. We unlock Excel's full potential to the max.

Browsers, Mobile Apps and Beyond

You can access, create and edit your spreadsheets anytime, anywhere. Keikai is not only made for web browsers, but will also be available in native Android and iOS apps. Even offline.

Work with Your Team in Real-Time

Not just numbers, you work with people too. With Keikai, you can work with up to hundreds of users on the same spreadsheet at the same time. No more emailing Excel files back and forth.

About us

Hi, I am Henri Chen, Co-Founder of Potix Corporation.

My team and I developed ZK Spreadsheet -- one of the very first embeddable web spreadsheet components. It is trusted by Citigroup, Adobe, Nokia and more.

For 10 years, we have improved it to keep up with the ever-growing data of users like finance professionals, analysts, researchers and scientists. It was not until 2 years ago, we decided to rewrite everything. With a whole new architecture designed specifically for big data.

So here we are, proudly presenting to you KeiKai -- the fastest ever online web spreadsheet for big data. We hope you will enjoy it.

The spreadsheet for big data.

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